**BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND - Exotic Asian-Persian Pretty Playful Preop Transexual! Available for a Limited period only! .

Experience The Warm Loving Touch And Hot Fiery Passion!

"Please READ entire information before contacting"


Visiting Gold Coast!!
SUN 16/03 - MON 19/03
(dates are subject to changes)

Visiting Canberra!!
WED 19/03 - FRI 21/03
(dates are subject to changes)

Also visiting Sydney, Melbourne, Perth,

I am very selective, only for classy, respectful & discerning gentlemen!

**NOTE: I will NOT answer ridiculous questions!
 I will NOT condone you talking to me in a lewd way when you're contacting me. 
Please treat a lady like a lady when you speak to a lady!
.... if NOT, you'll be blocked from contacting me!

I limit my intakes of clients.. if i sense that you are just an annoying Wanker/Idiot, i'm
afraid i will block you from future contacts.
I want to offer a good, easy-going, stress-relief time but only for
respectful and discerning gentlemen.
So you choose! Be Respectful or be an Idiot!
**Pardon me, i don't mean to be harsh but i meet a lot of Wankers/Abusers more
than you can imagine. In truth, i'm actually a sweet girl. If you're a good guy i'm sure you'll understand, not being offended by this!

Everybody that goes through my door will be treated with great respect.. you had
chosen me and i had chose to accept you. So I want to connect with you even for the
short hour with you. Let's have fun till we hit the ceiling ok;)!!

About me:  I'm Tina.. warm and friendly, Feminine, Pretty Malay-Persian Preop Transexual, Back by POPULAR demand and available here for a short period only.I'm slim & slender, looking pretty at 5ft8in. I would consider myself the girl-next-door type, loves to be normal, but have naughty thoughts at times and love to do it, what i need to do..;)! Ok, i'd rather keep intro sweet, short & simple.  If you're interested to get acquainted with me, contact me soon..:)! KissTina

REAL PICTURES - Yes, all pictures on this website are 100% mine! Yes, 100% MINE! And let me say again, the pictures in here are 100% MINE! So please don't call and keep asking again! As a pretty girl i would feel insulted.. i won't feel good.. and i won't want to meet you! If you feel unsure about it, don't bother! Just stay at home and keep wondering about it! ***If you had bad experience in the past, it has nothing do with me! I don't want to hold account for it! I don't need to hear it!

REAL SHEMALE - I am not a Female. Yes, i am passable. If you find this hard to believe and need to be asking me over and over again.. just please quit asking! Neither am i a Cross-dressor, just in case you were wondering. I have been a TS for a over 5 years now. I have long hair that grows from the scalp of my own head and i have real hanging implanted boobs!

So don't worry, you are meeting a gorgeous Translady here!   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------